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Different roles, same value

Every time I hear a negative discussion about the hierarchy in the family/ marriage it reminds me about the PIC/ SIC positions.

What are the differences?

PIC usually sits in the left seat and the SIC sits in the right.

EITHER pilot can reach the flight controls.

The first officer( co-pilot) is just as QUALIFIED to fly the plane as the captain. They SHARE flying RESPONSIBILITIES.

Captain and First Officer WORK TOGETHER as PARTNERS. Though the ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY for the safety of the aircraft lies on the CAPTAIN and he is the ultimate decision maker.

The pilots work TOGETHER to make sure that the airplane is operated in a SAFE and EFFICIENT manner.

Here is the FAA’s official definition of PIC:

"1. The PIC has the final authority and responsibility for the operation and safety of the flight..."

Though many want the position they forget that it also bears the extra weight of responsibility.

"In other words, the PIC is responsible for everything that does or does not happen.

In certain circumstances, the FAA allows pilots to log pilot in command time even when they are not at the controls or when they are not carrying the final authority and responsibility for flight operation and safety. It is important for pilots to understand the types of scenarios in which logging PIC time and acting as the pilot in command do not overlap.

Logging pilot in command time merely means that your actions and current flight role are such that the FAA is allowing you to count the time towards your PIC hours.

Acting as the pilot in command, on the other hand, means that you are the pilot bearing the responsibility, authority, and accountability regardless of whose hands are flying the aircraft.

Is one more valuable then the other?

NO. "Distinction is not discrimination."

In the same way we need order and structure not in an oppressive manner but in an operational one in our society as well. Starting in our homes.

The differences are not in values but in roles and functions.

"Unity is not uniformity; unity is oneness of purpose.

The great mistake of our day is to insist that equality of worth means sameness of role.

Disagreements focus on whether a man or woman is superior or more valuable than the other. Actually, the design is to be complementary to each other.

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