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While I Breathe, I Hope

Welcome to a place where hope and resilience find their voice.

My name is Elvira Plavsic. The book, Still Standing in Spite of..., offers a reflection on my life's journey with an emphasis on a valuable lesson I learned from a castle.

still standing

About The Castle That Shaped My Path

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My boarding school, an old castle built in 1547, strikes me as a symbol of life's enduring beauty amidst trials. I think its history of survival, through wars, changes, and neglect, mirrors our own battles and victories. It taught me a valuable lesson: "Dum spiro spero" - while I breathe, I hope.

This message, of finding hope amidst hardship, is what I want to share with the world.


An Invitation to Connect and Grow

This site, like my book, is all about connecting over shared experiences and working together with love to survive, overcome, and even thrive. It's about understanding that, despite our different paths and lifestyles, we all have the strength to face challenges and achieve a healthier future. I invite you to join this community of resilience and hope.

Looking Ahead

I'm excited to bring you along on my next adventure - a book about the joys of cooking and gardening. Let's explore together how life's challenges can shape us into something beautiful, like pressure forms diamonds.

From the garden to the table



Stand the Test of Time with Us

Step into "Still Standing in Spite of..." and join a community that stands strong against all odds. Let's celebrate our ability to rise above challenges and find hope in every breath we take.

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