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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy, The relatively short time we have on this earth some of us spend in a constant fault finding.

Though we must use our judgment navigating with utmost care and discernment, it does not mean that we are to deflect our own lack of growth with someone's faults.Things that happen to us are not merely some obstacles that we must cross over and keep singing the same tune.

They should be the stepping stones of learning and reaching higher in our personal growth.Filling us with more compassion and humility, understanding and genuine love.

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1 Comment

Thais Erazo Rivas
Thais Erazo Rivas
Mar 23

Gracias por dedicar tiempo a escribir desde tus experiencias consejos para vivir mejor. Es inspirados leerte, no dejes de escribir. Dios te bendiga!!

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