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Passion Fruit Smoothie

Passion fruit may offer numerous health benefits.

Seeds, pulp, and the leaves are all beneficial.

Some people even use the shell and grind it.

The passion fruit is a source of powerful antioxidants that are so needed in the processed food consumption prevalence around us.

Benefiting vision, skin, cardiovascular health, and reducing celular stress and inflammation.

It contains fiber, which helps in maintaining the digestive system in good functioning.

It is an excellent remedy for lowering the HBP. Being loaded with potassium it is very good for overall heart health.

Also, it was used for centuries to lower anxiety and stress as it has a calming effect.

It is believed that it helps in diabetes prevention as well.

But in order to obtain the benefits, passion fruit/ as well as all other fruit or food/ must be consumed along with balanced and healthy diet.

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Thank you for this inspirational site. Looking forward to your cookbook.

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